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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our great (BIG) Easter post

Easter (the Easter that includes the Easter Bunny that is) was celebrated in our house on Saturday. The EB came and delivered his baskets of goodies late Friday night for all the little munchkins in our home to find Saturday morning! We save Sunday for Jesus Christ in our home, I think its quite a nice set up actually.

The day started out GREAT considering Carver [and mommy :)] slept in till 8:45! I love mornings like that! But of course we promptly had breakfast. Carver's usual and favorite breakfast is bananas and some dry cereal and of course his sippy cup of milk.

Then, while he as eating, I searched and found his Easter Basket to take a picture of it before it was time for Carvs to completely tear it apart!

Right after breakfast, we helped him find his Easter basket!! He was so excited he couldn't stop talking!

I think his favorite part was his bright orange soccer ball! My son LOVES sports balls, he already has a pretty good arm, and I swear I'm not exaggerating!!! He loves to play catch with anyone who will play with him.

Some of the loot

He was SO happy!

Mmmm, peeps!

A little later in the day, Our cousins Micah, Joah, and Jude who belong to my Uncle Clark and Aunt Maelynn all came over to color Easter eggs, decorate cookies, have a Easter egg hunt, and then wrap up the night at the Easter pageant.

Carver of course only observed, but he loved it!

I could just kiss that face all day!

Then on to the Easter egg hunt!! This part of the day Carver just wasn't that into. Maybe next year!

Roxie checkin out his loot, She is always right by Carver's side, they kinda like each other and also Carver always feeds her anything he has. It's a food bond.

Oooo! A scooter!! (He played on this scooter for the rest of the Easter egg hunt, silly boy.)

We then went to the Easter Pageant, I totally forgot to take pictures while there, but Carver did really good! It was a perfect Easter Saturday :)

And Easter Sunday will be just as perfect

Because we will be having a ham dinner


Happy Easter!!!

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